Our family recently moved to Austin after living in Boston for 13 years. I grew up in Austin and went to college here, so I am familiar with the city — but Pearl Street added a whole new layer to our Austin experience! New restaurants, fun activities to do with our family, summer camps for the kids... they gave us so many amazing suggestions. And within one week of moving, we had already lined up a new pediatrician, an eye doctor, a hairdresser, and swim lessons for the kids. Pearl Street was so helpful and made our move seamless; I appreciate their customized approach and how they address the needs of every type of person or family. I have really loved our experience and think it was totally worth it. I am so grateful to Xio and her team!
— Kristen Alexandrov
Pearl Street was a tremendous help while I was making my transition from California to Austin. They gave me advice on neighborhoods, hair salons, dentists and even the best hikes. Their team has a true knowledge of the best of Austin, definitely a lifesaver for any transplant!
— Jane Black
Pearl Street Concierge is an amazing resource for Austin visitors and locals alike. I grew up in Austin and return 3-4 times a year to visit family and friends. Austin has changed so much and I would be lost without help! Pearl Street keeps me up-to-date on the newest restaurants, activities to do with my young kids, shopping, and fun events around town. If you’re coming for just a weekend getaway or putting down roots, Pearl Street Concierge can get you set up with the best Austin has to offer!
— Chandler Murphy
The last thing I wanted to do when my husband, our three kids and I moved back to the states and specifically Austin after nearly 13 years overseas was spend loads of time trying to figure out all the little things on my own. Having Pearl Street’s input on the “wheres” and “whats” of Austin was extremely helpful. They really know the best of Austin and the input we received helped us avoid many headaches. Further, having someone to call about where to go for things created a scenario where we were able to begin enjoying our new life straight away as their tips are always great
— Anne Harrington