It’s no secret that relocating to a new city can feel like your whole world has been turned upside down. But believe it or not, moving to Austin and rebuilding your life here can be quick, easy and even FUN! 

For many people, one of the most emotionally stressful aspects of a move is being uprooted from your community and having to build a new network of professional contacts, favorite vendors, mentors, and friends.  As human beings, we have an innate desire to connect with others we can trust and who make us feel like we are right where we need to be.  Meaningful relationships with others really do put the “home” in hometown.

In addition to being well connected in a city, feeling at home means you are comfortable and confident about the decisions you’re making for you and your family. When you move to a new, unfamiliar city, the ease of making decisions is gone and instead, you are faced with countless hours researching online, making phone calls, and compiling/comparing information. 

Well, “settle down!”  We’re here to help! Here’s how:

At Pearl Street Concierge, our team believes there are two key elements to a seamless relocation process:  relationships and tailored insider knowledge.  With those two pieces of the relocation puzzle fulfilled through our unique, personalized services, we believe you can begin living like a local quickly and effortlessly. 

Let’s start with relationships. Pearl Street helps you forge new relationships immediately upon arrival to Austin.  During our initial consultation, we get to know your story: your concerns, questions, background, values, and most importantly, what your dream is for your future in Austin.  Not only do we develop our relationship with you through this process, but we also use what we learn to direct you toward rewarding relationships with people throughout Austin who will help you gain that sense of comfort and familiarity right away.

The second element to a seamless relocation process is tailored insider knowledge. From schools, neighborhoods, and doctors, to salons, hikes, and shops, we equip you with researched information about Austin that is completely tailored to your needs and allows you to make well-informed decisions for you and your family.  Our team will answer the countless burning questions you have about your new life here in Austin and give you more of your precious time back so you can truly embrace and explore Austin.

We help you tackle the unknowns and build meaningful connections through Pearl Street Concierge’s Eight Areas of Focus: (click on icons for more information)

Based on your needs, you will select any or all of the Eight Areas of Focus that we will combine into your personalized Becoming an Austinite Guide (BAG).  When compiling information for your BAG, our team takes into consideration not only what we know about Austin, but also, what we know about you

We're glad you're here. Now let's discover your Austin!